The Month of Iyar

First Fruits Recap of the Month of Iyar – 5782
(Declaration are typed in bold and underlined.)

Iyar is the second month on the Hebrew calendar. It is a connecting month and a month of transition. Iyar connects the first month of Nissan (when the Jews left Egypt) to Sivan (when they arrived in Sinai and Torah was given.) Iyar is the month to transition from redemption at Passover to provision at Pentecost. This was the month when the Jews transitioned, not only geographically, but also spiritually, into a new level in their relationship with God as He began to reveal His covenant secrets to them in their “wilderness training class.” This month was also one of the most important times in Jesus ministry. Jesus walked the earth in His resurrected body during the month of Iyar and met with His disciples many times. During this month He gave the Great Commission, gave instructions on how to train every believer to minister, heal the sick, drive out demons, and orders on how to establish His church by implementing the 5-fold ministry. He gave the church a commission to reach the world. This was a time of great transition for the disciples as they became apostles. Transition can be a difficult and challenging time, but we do not need to fear. We can be secure in Him because He orders our steps as we follow Him.

It was during this month of Iyar that God showed His people His covenant secrets hidden in His many names.  As the Israelites encountered difficult situations in the wilderness, God revealed Himself as Jehovah Rapha (I Am the Lord who heals), as Jehovah Jireh (the Lord who sees and provides), and as Jehovah Nissi (the Lord, my Banner of Victory.) As you face difficulties and adversity in your own life, take time to meditate upon these names of God and declare that you will see Him manifest as your Healer, your Provider, and your Banner of Victory. When we know who God is and realize how much He loves us, we will learn the secret of running into His Name. To learn God’s covenant secrets, we need to seek Him. Robert Heidler explained, “The secrets of the Kingdom are hidden principles built into the universe. They are secrets of how to live in God’s favor and blessing and how to experience God’s promises.”Press into God this month, meet with Him in the secret place, and ask Him to reveal His secrets to you so you can walk in a new level of revelation, blessing, and faith. (Daniel 2:21-22, Deuteronomy 29:29, Matthew 13:11, James 1:5.)

This month is also known as a month of natural healing, which is different than miracles. Iyar is an acronym for “I AM God your Healer.”  God wants to permeate our body with natural healing as He reveals Himself as Jehovah Rapha this month.  The Hebrew word, “rapha,” means to completely make whole, to thoroughly mend and repair. Be careful of murmuring and complaining as Israel did, for this can open the door to sickness. Declare that God will set a guard over your mouth and keep watch over the door of your lips. (Psalm 141:3)

This month is associated with the letter VAV, which represents a nail, tent peg, or connecting pin. Every Hebrew letter has a numberical value. The letter VAV has the value of 6, the number of man. God connected with man on the sixth day as He created Him and breathed His life into Him. The VAV links the month of redemption (Nissan) with the month of giving (Sivan). If we move right this month, the rest of the year will connect properly. We also want to make sure that we are connected properly by being connected to a body of believers. We cannot be lone wolfs and expect the blessings of God. We were made to be connected with one another. Find the body that God wants you to connect with and allow Him to VAV you into that body. You will find encouragement, blessing and safety by being part of a body of believers.

This month is associated with the tribe of Issachar. They were a tribe that understood the times, knowing what Israel should do, and they understood the secrets of God. Isachar was known as advisors and counselors. We can be like them and understand the times we live in and know what to do as we immerse ourselves in the Word and press into God. We need to know how we are to connect this month so we can determine our course for the year. We must respond within certain time frames, so we can advance into the next season. Declare that you will see those times frames and move in God’s perfect timing.

The constellation this month is Taurus, the bull. To the Jews, the bull is a symbol of strength. An ox is a strong animal that carries heavy burdens. The Lord is our strong Ox, our burden-bearer, and we need to cast our cares upon Him (Psalms 84:7) so we can move easier through this transitional month. He told us to take His yoke upon us.  A yoke is a type of connecting piece. We see this in the month of the VAV, the connecting pin. Jesus is saying work with me because my yoke is easy and my burden is light. If we feel burned out and heavy laden, that shows us that we are taking on too much. We must ask the Lord to show us the thing we have taken on that we should not, or the things we no longer need to carry in this time of transition. Declare that you wil listen and receive revelation and rest because His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

This month is associated with our conscience which has to do with our thought processes and our emotions. If our emotions are not right, negative feelings will permeate our thought processes.  God wants to cleanse our conscience during this month. Cleansing comes by the alignment of the window of heaven with the window of our conscience.  Pay attention to any issues that the Holy Spirit puts His finger upon in your soul – your mind, will, and emotions. Do not allow a hindrance to form which would keep you out of alignment and block the Holy Spirit from blowing His revelation into you! God wants us to be in alignment for the rest of the year.

Iyar is the month to receive spiritual advice. Make sure you are listening to true prophetic voices you can trust. The enemy will try to bring in a counterfeit voice and corrupt us as watchman.  This is a month we need to advance during the watch. Declare that you will do so.  Ask God for a watching eye that looks inward and outward, for understanding of the times and seasons like the Tribe of Issachar, and for the secrets of God to be revealed to you as you get fresh revelation in the secret place with Him. God bless you in this month of transition as we cross over from Passover to Pentecost!

All information in this Firstfruits Recap for the month of Iyar, whether a direct quote or paraphrase, has been taken from the book, “A Time to Advance,” by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert and Linda Heidler and “His Appointed Times,” by Christine Vales.