The Month of Shevat


How blessed we are to know what God is saying to us each month through the Hebrew calendar. As we walk through the uncertainty of the year before us, rest in the fact that God sees every month ahead and all that each month holds. He will direct our steps as we look to Him and follow what He is saying to us each month.  Psalm 1 has special significance in this month of Shevat as it gives us a picture of what we are to look like as a blessed man or woman of God.

The characteristics for this month:

The Hebrew letter for Shevat is TZADIK, which symbolizes the “righteous one.” Jehovah Tzidkenu, the Lord Who is our Righteousness, is an expression of God for this month of Shevat. In this month we will see righteousness become our foundation. Righteousness means to be in right standing with God and can only be obtained by salvation through God’s Son, Jesus Christ. When we are rooted in righteousness we will not be moved.

This month is linked to the constellation Aquarius (the water carrier). Look for those who are bringing pitchers of water to you, and offer His refreshing, living water to others, as well. The tree in Psalm 1 is a prosperous tree (or a blessed tree) because it is firmly rooted by the streams of water. It has great stability, and it will not be moved. This month the river of God touches the roots, and the roots awaken to the water of life. Pray for your roots to awaken to the water of life. Make decisions carefully this month. Check your positioning. You may have to position yourself to be watered in a new way.

This month shout “My blessings are on the way!” Let this declaration rise up within you as you see your wagons of supply arriving with water pots to quench your thirst and share that supply and living water with others!

This month is linked with the tribe of Asher, which is a picture of pleasure, happiness, delicious, and fatness. During this month beware of the delicacies of the king.  Read the book of Daniel this month and consider doing a Daniel fast.  Then ask God to show you how to eat in a new way. Doing a fast in January and then following God’s new eating plan can help set you up to digest whatever God gives us to eat for the future.  Also, eat the Word daily so your body will be healed and properly aligned. What you are tasting and meditating on in His word produces life or nourishment for your future. Make your delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on His law, day and night.

Look at your field this month and see what is planted there. Who is planted in your field? Are the trees in your field ready to bear fruit? Shevat is called the month of the new year of trees. Pray that you will be like the tree in Psalm 1, firmly planted by the riverbank, soaking up His living water into your roots, bearing good fruit in season, having leaves that do not wither, and being prosperous in whatever you do.

The meaning for this month could not be timelier with all that is going on in the world. The winds of adversity are blowing, there is much shaking, things are being uprooted, great changes are occurring quickly. Righteousness must be our foundation if we want to remain standing! God is showing us how to stand through this tumultuous time in the earth. He gave us a beautiful picture of a strong, well-watered, firmly planted tree, prosperous tree in Psalm 1. See yourself as that kind of tree. God shows us how – by reading and meditating on His Law, day and night. As you read and meditate, picture your roots going down deep into the river of God and soaking up that living water. May we flourish in Him and bless others with the fruit we bear and offer shade for the weary in these scorching times.

All information in this Firstfruits Recap for the month of Shevat, whether a direct quote or paraphrase, has been taken from the book, “A Time to Advance,” by Chuck D. Pierce and “His Appointed Times,” by Christine Vales.

No specific declarations. Declare good as the Lord leads.