The Month of Av

First Fruits Recap of the Month of Av – 5781

(Declarations for the Month of Av are in bold and underlined.)

Av is the fifth month on the Hebrew calendar. The Hebrew letter this month is TET. TET actually means “father.” Av is the month for the divine will of the Father to be executed. God wants us to remember that He is a good, good father who is loving, kind, and merciful and all His plans for us are good.  Sometimes God, in His love and mercy, and as a perfect father, will tear things down and start over in our life. He may allow some things to be destroyed so He can rebuild because He knows what is best.  Declare that you will submit to your loving, Heavenly Father’s plans, knowing that He always wants the best for you.

The picture for the letter TET is a womb.  The number for TET is 9 which refers to the 9 months it takes to birth a child.   What is conceived this month may not manifest for a while, but God can show us, as His prophetic people, what has been conceived and what is growing within us and in the earth realm, even before it manifests. Declare that what God wants to be birthed will come forth into fruition. That’s important for how we pray this month.

The root word of Av means “to will” or “to desire.” This month is a month of choice, as we’ve seen with the Israelites. Declare that you will bring your will and your desires into alignment with God’s will so you can walk in His perfect plans for your life.

It is during this month, on the 9th of Av, at Kadish Barnea, that the Israelites chose to refuse to enter the Promised Land. They chose to believe the voice of unbelief over faith. That choice had huge consequences for Israel that are still in effect to this day!! When they chose to listen to the voice of unbelief, they put themselves under a curse. The 9th of Av and the days surrounding it continues to this day to bring tragedy and death to the Jews, which has made the month of Av a month of mourning and destruction. We need to see that God does not take the sin of unbelief lightly. Because of Israel’s unbelief to enter the Promise Land they wandered in the wilderness for forty years. After that generation died off God, in His mercy, gave them a second chance to enter the Promised Land. But Israel never really repented of the sin of unbelief, so every year that window of destruction opens again. The message to us is that we have a choice, as well. Take heed. Examine your life this month and observe what voice you are listening to. If you have been listening to the voice of fear and unbelief, then repent, believe God’s promises, mix your faith with His promises and move ahead! If we don’t repent of the sins of the past, Satan is free to bring a curse. This is a month to break curses in our life. Don’t allow any curse to continue. Jesus broke every curse when He hung on the cross. (Galatians 3:13) Declare that you will choose to listen to the voice of faith and possess the promised land He has for you. Declare that you will break any curses operating in your life through the power of Jesus Name and His blood.

One of the characteristics of this month is that we either metamorphose or we disintegrate. Metamorphose is what happens to the caterpillar, that transforms into a butterfly. It changes completely in form or nature. Ask God where He wants to bring changes in your life and declare that you will metamorphose into His plan for you.

This month is associated with our hearing. Last month was associated with our vision and guarding our eyes. This month it’s about what we hear. We need to listen to our Father’s voice and listen for key impressions. Pay attention to what you hear! Declare that as God gives you instruction and guidance, your ears will be open and in tune with Him.

This month is also about considering what you hear and determining a new level of discernment. It’s a month to hear and understand. If you decide to oppose counsel and advice, then it will also be a month when the consequences begin. There are many voices bidding for our attention, but God is not the author of confusion. So, listen closely for your Father’s voice. Jesus said in John 10:27-28 that “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”  We are all created with that ability to hear God and to know His voice. We will know His voice the more we spend time with Him.   Also, the devil will try to oppose us from hearing the voice of God because he knows that our faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Declare that you will rise to a new level of discernment; that you will recognize your Heavenly Father’s voice speaking through different people so you don’t oppose good counsel and advice; and that you will be on guard for the opposition of the enemy in your hearing.

This is a month where we will see sovereign happenings, where God makes decisions to do certain things based upon what we have decided at other times.  Remember the month of Nissan? We needed to be careful of negative confessions or we could have trouble the rest of the year! In the month of Iyar if we moved right, the rest of the year connects properly. The month of Sivan was a month of cause, not effect. The things we did in Sivan had an effect on the months ahead. In this month of Av, we will see some things happening based upon what we decided previously. God is always watching us, always listening, and always recording.

Av is connected with the constellation Leo (the lion). This is the month the Lion roars. It’s also a month for our roar to come forth because when the people of God roar a prophetic covering is created. Also, when the heavens are unlocked above us a sound begins to resound in the earth realm. The enemy goes about “like a roaring lion” but we do not need to fear him. God has given us power over the enemy through the Name and the Blood of Jesus. Declare that you will not walk in fear, but you will let your roar come forth and produce a prophetic covering over you.

Av is connected with the tribe of Simeon. The meaning of Simeon is to hear and be concerned. When Simeon heard about the rape of his sister, and he was very concerned over this event, but he should have responded in a different way. He had no control over his anger and his actions of revenge, so he opened the door to a curse, causing him to lose out on the blessing of his inheritance. Declare that you will operate in the fruit of the spirit of self-control and not allow your emotions to rule your actions.


God bless you in the month of Av. May you align yourself with God’s message this month and enter your promise land!

All information in this Firstfruits Recap for the month of Av, whether a direct quote or paraphrase, has been taken from the book, “A Time to Advance,” by Chuck D. Pierce and “His Appointed Times,” by Christine Vales.


Declare what is in bold in the text and as the Lord leads.
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