Throughout the world, individual liberties and freedom are being lost as authoritarianism rises. Learn what’s at stake and how to live in these unprecedented times.
Hosted and Moderated by Hon. Michele Bachmann, Regent University – Dean, Robertson School of Government.

The Rise of Global Government
Understanding the Unprecedented Times We Live in through the Lens of the Bible

Intercessors for America

A focused pray guide for people, current events and the US government.


Investigative Reporting with well documented / researched stories you will not see in MSM.

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey

Informing citizens about legislation, parental rights, education, abortion, suicide and sexuality.

The Center for Garden State Families

Our mission is to protect and promote faith, freedom and the natural family, in culture and public policy, as held by the traditional Christian worldview.


A platform where some voices go when banned by Youtube.


Aligned for His Glory

Mobilizing and Equipping the Triumphant Reserve – A network of apostolic and prophetic believers, networking for God’s Glory. Pursuing the 13 Colony Initiative to renew our covenant with God.

Glory of Zion Int'l

Glory of Zion International Ministries is a “One New Man” ministry, under the leadership of Dr. Chuck Pierce, that connects people of all nations, backgrounds, races, and walks of life so that we may worship together as one. 

King of Kings

King of Kings Worship Center exists to fulfill the vision of being a “Freedom Outpost.” Dr. Chuck Pierce prophesied this over this body of believers many years ago and God has moved mightily to deliver and heal hurting people.

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